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JetPro Texas

JetPro was founded in 2001 and is an inventorying dealer of corporate and business aircraft with a focus on modern turbofan aircraft. With strong financial backing we have the ability to purchase aircraft in a swift and discrete manner providing the seller with a straight forward and amicable transaction.

When a retail buyer is looking at an aircraft held in JetPro's inventory the selection process just became much easier. These aircraft have completed a comprehensive evaluation of its physical condition and historical records in all transactions our expert staff has effectively performed the prepurchase inspection for the buyer thus minimizing the time and expense to assure the prospective buyer they are purchasing a solid asset.

Working as a buyer's or seller's agent, we can facilitate even the most complex of aircraft transactions providing our clientele with the comfort and peace of mind any discerning aircraft owner deserves. This is done by applying the same stringent criteria and processes we use ourselves.

JetPro's professional sales staff is renowned in the aircraft marketplace as possessing the integrity, skill and knowledge to successfully navigate today's global aircraft market. This expertise and experience allows them to quickly and accurately locate the best value for the given requirement.

About Us

Don Starling has been actively buying and selling aircraft for over 50 years. His vast experience lends both credibility and expertise to the company. Don served as an Officer in the US Air Force, has owned Midwest Piper in Wichita, KS and Houston Piper on Hobby Fieldaft Dealerships, owned and managed various turbine aircraft sales, maintenance and refurbishment operations. Don is an accomplished pilot with several type ratings and instructor certificates. Born and raised in Austin, Texas he proudly calls Central Texas his home.

Sam Starling quite literally grew up in aviation, born in Wichita, Kansas while his dad owned Midwest Piper. He grew up in the Texas Hill Country surrounded by aircraft of all types. His passion for the business , as well as his desire to become a pilot himself, was well ingrained from a very early age. Sam has over 13 years experience in aircraft sales and aircraft management. He is an active pilot, and holds an ATP with ten type ratings, CFII, MEI, AGI and a seaplane rating. This extensive firsthand knowledge of a wide range of popular business jets allows Sam to accurately convey the strengths and weaknesses of specific aircraft to his clients to help guarantee the proper application for the mission.

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Inventorying Dealer

– JETPRO Texas is one of the few remaining inventorying dealers of business aircraft left in the world. This focus is a natural benefit to all of our customers.

  • Purchasing – Often due to time constraints, tax implications or a myriad of other circumstances it becomes necessary to divest of an aircraft in a timely and manner – JETPRO Texas excels in discrete, amicable purchase of aircraft allowing the seller to quickly “close the books” on an aircraft no longer needed. Call us for an immediate bid on your aircraft.
  • Selling – Any aircraft that is already in inventory has already been thoroughly vetted and inspected. This add a huge amount of confidence to any buyer looking to purchase an aircraft. When purchasing an inventoried aircraft the entire buying process becomes faster, easier and is done with less hassle and more confidence. Our undying strive for complete customer satisfaction shines best here.
  • Trade-in Aircraft – Whether directly taking a trade on an inventoried aircraft or taking a trade third party to facilitate the sale of a brokered aircraft, JETPRO Texas’ ability to directly inventory a trade adds value to everyone involved in the transaction.


- List your aircraft with JETPRO Texas! Decades of marketing intelligence allows effective positioning of your aircraft for maximum exposure to potential buyers. Handling every detail such as pricing analysis, market positioning, advertising, lead generation and follow up, allows JETPRO’s Sales Team to put their years expertise to work for you. In many cases our brokerage clients physically put their aircraft in our care at our beautiful state of the art facility. A legacy of global aircraft marketing sets JETPRO Texas unparalleled in today’s marketplace.


- When looking to purchase an aircraft, JETPRO Texas will guide you through the steps necessary to select the best aircraft per your desire. The more time spent evaluating your needs will result in the optimal aircraft for your actual flight profile. There are many details to consider that most buyers or even other brokers don not consider, some of these can spell the difference from an enjoyable ownership experience and buyer’s remorse. After this decision has been made JETPRO Texas will then initiate a worldwide search for “Off-Market” and also listed aircraft that represent the best value available. JETPRO Texas will coordinate all aspects of the process from the offer, contract negations, maintenance record reviews, pre-buy inspections, discrepancy review and rectification to closing documents and aircraft registration. Let the JETPRO Texas Team take the hassle and worry out of buying.


- Have questions about selling or purchasing an aircraft? JETPRO Texas can provide answers! With over 100 years of combined market experience, JETPRO Texas continues to be a world leader in aviation consolation. Needs analysis, operational strategies and costs, tax consequences, financing and market research are just a few of the consulting services JETPRO Texas has to offer.

Aircraft Management

- JETPRO Texas is in the business of “Turn-Key” aircraft management! Aircraft owner’s needs and expectations are paramount and a poor management scenario can spell disaster for an owner. At JETPRO Texas the management team strives for one hundred and ten percent customer satisfaction, just ask our current clients – they will be happy to tell you. Depth in resources and experience allows JETPRO to seamlessly tailor all aircraft management services. Every detail is covered including: acquisition, flight crew placement, domestic and international operation, concierge level travel planning, maintenance oversight, budgeting, hanger space, financing, tax planning and insurance can be provided or coordinated by JETPRO Texas’ in house management experts.


– At JETPRO Texas we maintain an extensive network of financing resources. The finance market is constantly changing and providers are continually evolving. Many times our sources are able to offer more competitive rates, based on our tenured relationship, than the finance entities of our corporate clients. Because of our volume of business with these finance companies we are able to negotiate the favorable rates enjoyed by many of our clients.


- As aircraft owners, managers and pilots we take aviation insurance very seriously. The value of a policy does not start or stop with limits and premiums alone. It takes a very knowledgeable and dependable insurance professional to help guide owners and operators through the intricate complexities of the insurance market. This is why JETPRO Texas exclusively uses Mr. Rick Ross at Leading Edge Insurance Agency. To contact Mr. Ross please click here.

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